Once in a great while, land that time has forgotten is renewed into something breathtaking, timeless and certainly worthy of our attention…welcome to Copeland Point Professional Park.

You'll be captivated by the mature hardwood trees grouped together in the natural centerpiece of this professional office setting. This preserved area, with its unique water feature, quaint seating areas and abundant landscaping, will assure that the freedom of nature coexists with commerce on a personal level. Looking outside ones window at this serene tempo will relax and inspire you to do great things. All the while maintaining a professional setting that will be second to none.

With merely twenty-four individual suites available, there is no worry of an overcrowded and bustling environment. Unnecessary foot traffic will be reduced to the occasional knock, limiting interruptions that steal away the solitude of workflow. Sitting aloft some twenty feet above the New Copeland Rd corridor, often distracting road noise will be a distant memory.

Architecturally, these buildings boast superior exterior and interior design elements. At first glance there will be no mistaking the beauty of the high-arch stone openings and Old World charm, encompassing interior features such as high ceilings, hardwood floors and wonderfully placed windows that capture the best of each day's sunlight. Every time you enter the space, you'll be assured you made the right choice.

This newly offered Ownership opportunity is available to professionals who desire something more out of their personal office setting. Perhaps it's a sense of accomplishment, or just a way to indulge oneself for all the years of hard work. Whether you're intending to gear up for success, or just ready to enjoy some,

Copeland Point Professional Park will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make.